General/Booking Manager

Chris is a very unique man, but he does know how to run and maintain a smooth running venue even when the unexpected happens. He is the Booking and General Manager in our Odeon family and he's slowly but surely improving the venue in every aspect whether it's operating from night to night, or new renovations that keep all our guests comfortable and ready to rock! He runs a tight ship with high expectations for all of his team members. Chris has made it his own initiative to make the Odeon the best it possibly can be for our customers, bands, and our city!


Stage Effects/Assistant Booking Manager

If he's not creating your favorite light and effects on stage, he's killing the DJ table downtown! Matt Mitchell has been a fundamental part of updating and programming all the equipment at the odeon from fog machines to light boards. Right hand man to Chris, He's had a hand in almost everything at our beloved venue and helped create the momentum to improving and renovating as needed. His professional and musical reputation has given him the opportunity to work for locals as well as nationally loved bands all over and he brings all of that charisma and work ethic with him to every event!



House Engineer (FOH/Mon)

Fill up a board with all of your favorite musical acts, and throw a dart at it. You’ll likely hit a band or artist that Jeff has worked with throughout his (decade +) career in live sound! He started out by working his way up through dingy rock clubs here in Cleveland, to eventually starting Banzai Sound LLC, his small live sound business. Jeff has built solid relationships in the music industry through his experience both as a touring engineer, and house tech in pretty much every club and major venue in town. This has allowed him to improve the quality of his live mixes to a point where he has become a common name often requested by artists, and referred to by venue owners & other techs around town. His experience in audio includes live sound mixing (FOH/Mon), studio work, installations, and AV systems integration. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an international celebrity, or a local cover band playing your first gig, Jeff is known for consistently treating everyone like superstars. Ask anyone who has played at the Odeon since he started here in 2015, and they’ll tell you the same thing! He gives the Odeon the big, studio-quality signature sound & professional work ethic that everyone should expect at the show!


Stage and Equipment Manager

Dan had made quite a prominent respect for himself among artists and professionals alike in Cleveland’s local music scene. Just like many others, he started off playing at the historic Peabody’s with local bands until he picked up a tech position with a larger Cleveland-native touring band. He learned all the rules of the road and how to properly set any stage up from instruments to lighting, even in the highest stressed situations. After taking a bit of a break from music, Dan has decided to jump head in again as our stage manager to give every act from big to small the smoothest and exciting atmosphere guaranteed for every show!



In-House Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Social Media Manager

Some people know her by the crazy red hair or the camera in hand, but Taylor is no stranger to Cleveland! Though she may still be new to us, her photography and design work has stretched across the local music scene for almost 8 years now! She started studying her craft in technical school and acquired a Bachelor’s degree afterwards while jumping from venue to venue following one band and picking up even more along the way. Her personality, passion for music and excitement for her work helps create a fun and inviting atmosphere for any who enjoy our venue. Her favorite part is being able to work and interact with every band and concert-goer while capturing every moment along the way! Just be sure to watch out, she doesn’t stay in one place long!


Head of Security

Alfredo is no stranger to large events along with its operations and he brings all this experience and knowledge with him to the Odeon. You may not have seen him because he's great at his job but he's worked for big names like the Cleveland Browns, Guardians, and even your favorite celebrity! He was hired to completely innovate the security in place for the Odeon and he delivered. Alfredo acquired a skilled team that not only uses his key tactics but create a safe and comfortable environment for all who come!